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Common Questions

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1 . What causes tooth decay?
Tooth decay is caused by plaque in your mouth reacting with sugary and starchy deposits from food. This reaction produces acid which damages the enamel over time and weakens the tooth. Sipping on milk, juice, soda and sugary drinks in between meals also leads to tooth decay. Dr. Ellsworth suggests that all children drink water in between meals.

2 . When should I bring my baby to the dentist?
Children should see the dentist after the first teeth erupt and/or by their first birthday. This establishes a dental home for the child. Dr. Ellsworth will provide information regarding home care, oral hygiene, prevention and nutrition during the first visit.

3 . Are parents allowed in the treatment area?
Yes! We encourage parents to watch while we treat the children. Most children do very well without the parent in the treatment area. Parents are encouraged to come and check on their child anytime.

4 . My child is handicapped and has special needs. Can Dr. Ellsworth provide care for my child?
Yes! Dr. Ellsworth and Renee have many years of experience with special needs and handicapped children.

5 . Is it okay for my child to sip on juice and milk all day?
NO! Dr. Ellsworth suggests that children drink fluoridated water in between meals. Juice and milk promote tooth decay.

6 . Is it okay to put my baby to bed with milk or juice in his/her bottle?
NO! The sweet liquids will promote tooth decay. Please brush or clean the teeth with a wet washcloth after nursing or bottle feeding.

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